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Discover confectionery from across the globe with the ‘World’ selection from Tasty Tubs

Discover confectionery from across the globe with the ‘World’ selection from Tasty Tubs
17th October 2017 Felix Poole

Discover confectionery from across the globe with the ‘World’ selection from Tasty Tubs


Tasty Tubs Account Manager Matt Eaton shares why confectionery from around the world could be just what your customers are praying for!


As a society, we are better travelled than we have ever been, with many people taking a year out to see the world or flying long haul to see family and friends.  As in the UK, there are wonderful sweets and chocolates loved and enjoyed by people in every country worldwide, some familiar, some exotic, most delicious.  It is no surprise therefore that the demand for confectionery from around the world is on the rise.  Many consumers now actively seek out stockists of the confectionery products that they have loved while overseas and are thrilled when they find them available close to home.  Others, like international students studying in the UK, crave their home comforts that they’re missing while living abroad.


This market is full of all kinds of exciting products and is well worth tapping into to meet the needs of your own customers.  You know your own market and by stocking popular products from across the globe, you can meet the needs of your well-travelled customers, seeking a taste of nostalgia, as well as provide a sense of home for your local international students and overseas visitors.


The ‘World’ selection from Tasty Tubs showcases some really delicious chocolates and sweets from across the globe, including a variety of products from Eastern Europe, Japan, Scandinavia and the United States of America.   The pioneering confectionery selection includes much loved American candies like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Jolly Ranchers, quirky novelty Pokémon treats from Japan, intriguing Scandinavian varieties of Haribo with their weird and wonderful flavours and unusual names, and sticky Bulgarian Karuzo pastries.  These international products are sure to capture your customers’ interest, particularly in stores located in cities and university towns.

We provide free full shelf point of sale with every ‘World’ selection order over £500.  The point of sale includes eye-catching flags and signage along with all necessary fixings for your shelving units.





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Matt Eaton