Franchise opportunities

We are looking for experienced van sales people to run our Tasty Tubs franchises.


If you have experience selling to independent convenience store retailers, a Tasty Tubs sweets franchise might just be right up your street!


A picture of Simon (a Tasty Tubs sweets Franchisee) with his van

Simon (a Tasty Tubs Franchisee) with his van

We sell a range of our own branded products ‘Tasty Tubs’, as well as a host of 3rd party sweets including cakes, imported American candy, healthy snacks and crisps, sweets for both children and adults and bagged sweets. These ranges mean you have a wide range of products to offer every type of retailer.

Our franchise set up cost is just £7,000 + VAT.

For the full information about how to become a franchisee, simply click below.

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Why become a franchisee?

Our franchisees can earn up to £30k by the end of year 2. Territories are sufficiently large to grow the business to have several sweets vans on the road. This business and your earnings can become as big as your ambitions.   Simon our sweets franchise packing his vanOwning a sweets franchise is the perfect opportunity to be your own boss, working with a proven, profitable product. However, the independence of owning your own sweets franchise doesn’t mean you’ll be on your own. On the contrary, when you start we provide you with a comprehensive operations manual, a full training programme, a central contact to support staff as well as a number of existing customers and pre-arranged sales leads.

What's special about our sweets?

filling the sweets franchise van

We make sure all of our sweets are high quality, extremely tasty and fun for everyone. Tasty Tubs are wonderfully unique compared with bagged sweets. Whilst ensuring your sweets aren’t squashed, the tubs are also re-sealable and re-usable! Our sweets are displayed in eye-catching clear plastic containers, bursting with colour and excitement. Bringing with them a highly nostalgic value, it’s certain they appeal to adults and children alike. The essence of the impulse buy, Tasty Tubs provide both a high gross profit and cash profit margin. Perfect for anyone considering a sweets franchise.

Franchisee testimonials

“I first noticed Tasty Tubs when I was a Territory Sales Manager for another company as they were taking business from me and I discovered that not only were their prices more competitive, they also marketed different and interesting ranges of products that appealed to me but more importantly, I knew would appeal to my customers. From the start, I have consistently increased my monthly turnover; due in part to having a direct input into the product range. I can run my business effectively and efficiently with fantastic help and guidance from Steve and the Tasty Tubs team, who give dedicated support whenever I’ve needed it. With all this, plus access to competitively priced product ranges, that genuinely interest customers in a marketplace that needs such a combination, I know that my business will go from strength to strength in the coming months and years.” Simon Wilson, Tasty Tubs Franchisee in Norfolk & Suffolk Territory

“I joined Tasty Tubs originally for a number of reasons. Firstly the tubs themselves are an excellent product, giving the retailer a good impulse line along with good margin. Coupled with the rest of the ranges e.g. kids and American, this gives Tasty Tubs an excellent offering to customers. The franchise areas offered by the company are large enough for the business to grow. Then the professionalism of the company really impressed me. From my first meeting with Steve I knew this was the right franchise to join. The systems are in place, communication from the company is first rate with both emails and the personal touch of a phone call to make sure everything is going well; the help and support I have received from Steve and team has been excellent. Sales as with any new venture started slow but again Steve was there with support again. Now sales are growing every week with new customers coming on board daily (a lot that are referrals from existing customers). I am looking forward to a very good 4th quarter.” Gordan McCall, Tasty Tubs Franchisee in the East Glasgow Territory