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Bubble Gum Strips

Bubble Gum Strips

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Bubble Gum Strips

Bubble Gum Strips: a blister strip of multi coloured balls of bubblegum. Raid the rainbow.

These kids treats are, first of all, brightly packaged and so are sure to appeal to the eye. Furthermore, with their striking graphic design, they appeal to the imagination too. A great addition to any display of sweets and candies. And because of the fascinating flavour and toothsome texture, kids will keep coming back for more. So these won’t stay on the shelves for long.

Be a hero to your candy customers, by always having their favourite sweets. And help them become the cool kids in the playground by providing the trendiest treats. Order your cases of Bubble Gum Strips packets today from Tasty Tubs. Don’t miss out.

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