Runts Video Box (Large)

Runts Video Box (Large)

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Runts Large Box

Crunchy candies with the shape, colour and flavour of various fruits. Runts Large Box provides a very generous helping of miniature candy banana, orange, strawberry, green apple and grape.

America is one of the most competitive candy markets in the world. Therefore it offers some of the most eye catching and taste tantalising treats from across the pond. In addition, they are unrivalled in both quality and consistency. Because of this, our British taste buds are growing ever fonder of such flirtatious fancies. As alluring to our mouths as our accent is to their ears.

Consequently, Tasty Tubs are pleased to bring you a range of American Candies which will brighten your shelves for the brief time they stay there.

Celebrate your independence. Order your cases of Runts Large Box today from Tasty Tubs. Don’t miss out.

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