Snyders Honey, Mustard & Onion (Large 125g)

Snyders Honey, Mustard & Onion (Large 125g)

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Snyders Honey, Mustard & Onion (Large 125g)

Satisfy the craving for pretzel pieces with a packet of Snyders Honey, Mustard & Onion. Hit by a sudden hunger or just looking for a treat? This is a snack which fills its pretzel crunch with a powerful flavour punch, so prepare to munch.

Snyder’s of Hanover have tapped the power of the pretzel with their range of flavoured pretzel pieces. Their bright and cheerful packages are just asking to be picked up and opened. Tasty Tubs are very pleased to bring to you a choice of the fascinating flavours in the Snyder’s range.

Stock up on crunchy treats that will catch the eye of the browsing cruncher and order your case of Snyders Honey, Mustard & Onion packets now from Tasty Tubs.

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