Toad Ally Choczels Pretzels

Toad Ally Choczels Pretzels

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Toad Ally Choczels Pretzelss

Crunchy mini pretzels with a milk chocolate coating. These packets of Toad Ally Choczels Pretzels are filled with fun. A combination of curvy shapes with sweet flavour and snappy salty texture. Since each piece provides an acrobatic workout for your teeth and taste buds, a packet of these can get even the most tongue-tied talking. If at first all they say is “More!”, be patient, more impressive verbal gymnastics may follow.

Flipz produce a range of coated pretzels which bring a new outlook on beating boredom. Everyone loves a novelty. So, add a new dimension to any selection of snacks by including these cheerful sweets.

Don’t flip out. Order your cases of Toad Ally Choczels Pretzels packets today from Tasty Tubs.

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