Tap into the growing health food convenience market with USN

Tap into the growing health food convenience market with USN
12th September 2017 Orders

Tap into the growing health food convenience market with USN


Tasty Tubs Account Manager Matt Eaton reports on the growing health food convenience market, focusing on Tasty Tub’s USN Protein offering.


As a pioneering confectionery provider, we make sure we keep our finger on the pulse in terms of market trends and consumer buying patterns.  We do this in very many ways, such as talking daily to our retail customers up and down the UK, which means we become aware of different regional trends among consumers as well.  Equally, our partner suppliers keep us updated with markets that are growing while we also keep abreast of current ideas and opinions through regular research in lifestyle and trade publications, and by reviewing industry data.

One such growing sector is in the health food convenience sector.  According to a number of different reports, gym use and weight training are growing substantially, up around 40% year on year.  Consumers are recognising that protein bars and drinks are a growing convenience trend, especially in urban areas or locations with a gym close by.  For those on a high-protein diet, getting a protein meal replacement or snack on the go can be difficult.  Having low fat, high-protein options in a convenience store setting is ideal for the health-conscious customer.  Typically many protein bars and shakes are only available online where they’re sold in bulk, and can be expensive, forcing people to commit to one brand, style or flavour.


If local stores, garages and corner shops habitually carry healthy, high-protein options, this can introduce a new kind of customer to your store and it can also offer an additional sales opportunity among your existing customer base.  We have carefully selected the USN range of protein meal replacement bars, snacks and shakes and our customers are finding that their customers consider them a useful addition as they grab a drink and a snack on the way, or coming home from the gym or exercise class.  The USN range is perfect for this market because they’re low in fat, packed with protein and have an attractive retail price and typical GP (POR) of 32%


We are very excited to be able to provide our USN customers with three options for eye-catching displays, completely free of charge when you purchase a minimum of £XXX product, so that you can offer the full range in-store. Our display options include a four shelf, free-standing display unit for maximum standout, along with one bay and two bay layout planograms, to help you utilise USN shelf space as effectively as possible to maximise the visibility and appeal of your USN stock.

Simply select the planogram below to download yours.


FSDU | 1 bay shelving unit | 2 bay shelving unit





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